Jen Backman




Pet Portraits

Whether your best friend it a cat, dog, turtle, or a rock, I am open to drawing them! Pet’s become a huge part of our lives. They are family, purpose, warmth, and kindness. One of the best presents you can gift someone is an image of their pet, or even to gift yourself.

Karp Family.jpg

Family Portraits

Families come in all shapes and sizes. The thing is they are also always changing. One of the most beautiful things about getting a family portrait done is that it captures such a specific time in your life. The amount of pictures we take is ever growing, but hanging a unique piece of art of your family on a wall is so special.



I love when people request for me to create illustrations for a day that celebrates their love. My illustrations and designs are made for more than just your invitations. Contact me to either order this template, or to get a quote to illustrate and design a whole new set of florals for your special day!

Sailboat for Papa.jpg

You name it!

I have been asked to create such unique imagery over the years, and maybe you have something specific in mind. Whether it is something that represents your passion, a scene from a movie you love, or your favourite character, I can help to create a unique piece of art that showcases whatever it is you love.

Depended on my schedule, I don’t always have openings for commissions, so it is best to lock down time with me well in advance if you have a specific date in mind you want an image for. As you can see I work in lost of different styles, so please take some time to look through my website and get an idea of what style you feel is best for what you have in mind. Please email me with any questions and illustration needs.

*Please note that commissions are different than corporate or editorial work. See my other pages for more information on booking my time for freelance projects and needs.